Here you find some information on our presumable route.

Way there

By BikeBy car
Germany 83 km 0 km
Switzerland 20 km 300 km
Italy 924 km 1000 km
Tunisia 617 km 0 km
Libya 0 km 1600 km
Egypt 1198 km 1200 km
Sudan 997 km 0 km
Ethiopia 700 km 1200 km
Kenya 550 km 800 km
Tanzania 500 km
0 km
Overall 5589 km 6100 km

Way Back

We deliberately havenít planned the way back yet to keep us a certain amount of freedom of action and creativity. Who has been on the road by bike for a longer time will know that legs arenít that easy to plan. Mostly something unexpected happens and at the end of the day you arrive somewhere different than you thought you would just in the morning. Because of that even the description of our way there is to be taken with a pinch of salt. Perhaps everything will be different. Only one thing is for sure. In the end we will be in Germany again.

Current position