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Friday, 10th July 2009:

Almost eight months ago, the weather nice and friendly, we left Freiburg heading South in direction to Bale. Today, weather is similar, we came from the opposite side to enter our town again. Rising up on top of the mountain Rosskopf, it was only seven kilometers downwards to the Vorderhaus, where family and friends expected us with saprkling wine.
Slowly the queasy feeling goes...

Tuesday, 7th July 2009:

After two nice days in nothern Italian Triest where we again could enjoy a wonderful hospitality with Leonardo and friends and another three days just hanging around at Lago d`Iseo, we got enough power to get the bikes and ourselves pulled up the Splügen Pass on the 6th of July to enter Switzerland in a height of 2100 m above sea level. One day later the time had come: even it first was only the Freistaat of Bavaria, after almost eight month abroad, we are back in Germany now!

Friday, 26th June 2009:

And that's exactly what happened: on Saturday, we said good by to our friend and helper Pady Hoon, on Sunday the same to Good Old Frank and our lovely host Keltouma.
After a little challenge at the airport and some trouble with the payment, we were the last ones, who catched the flight to Amsterdam.
24 hours later, we reassembled our bikes in Zagreb and slept – as undisturbed as at home – on the ground of the arriving hall until 10:30 am.
Well and now, another three days later, we have crossed all the small and bigger hills between Zagreb and the Adria and are licking ice cream and drinking white wine in Trieste.
Only for the mind it was a bit to fast – but this one will get enough time to catch up with our bodies on long and slow alpine passes, so that everything will reach our hometown together.

Saturday, 20th June 2009:

We enjoyed african life in the village for a last time; kilometers of remote, white beaches; rosting fish on the fire, after we saw the fishermen, wearing sneakers, shorts and shirt while pulling their net through low tide and catching exactly the fish we wanted.... well, and now we are back in Dar to say good by to our friends here – on Monday evening at 10:55, a plain is going to bring us with some loop way to Zagreb, Croatia.

Tuesday, 16th June 2009:

It's done: the last interview is made, the camera's got holiday and even we ourselves will spend some lazy days at the beach, south of Dar!

Monday, 08th June 2009:

We have moved! Since we are tired of staying in hotels, of having to pay for them and of recognizing our luggage as disappeared we made it to be accommodated privat. First for some days with a little help from the CouchSurf community but afterwoods fully selfmade, always grapping the next opportunity. A Danish family was so kind to accommodate us for about two weeks in there guesthouse, until they turned satisified of us, so that we had to go and look for something else. But this was ok, and did not really bother us. 'Cause already on the day of our departure a friend told us about a young French girl, having a accommodation, enough space and also the mude of having some company. So from that time on we are again accomodated privat,enjoing flat-sharing atmosphere and do surprise our loevely host with dinner in the evening.
A kudos to all the kind people out there, who love to share what they have.

Thursday, 28th May 2009:

Maybe the one or the other wondered, what's about "The Great Hotel-Robbery" - dealing with that was just too hard for us to make it public. But with progression of the learning process, there is enough space in our heads again, to explain it a little bit:
On 10th of May 09 there happend the following: after a long afternoon spending in the cyber cafe, we returned to our hotel and found our room unlocked. The padlock missed, as well as the normal door closer was broken. The situation felt more like dreaming, or watching a movie, but not like it would just happen to us right now: nothing was raked up or disarranged , the bikes, all the stuff - everything looked untouched. Only the Laptop was away and the good old Canon FT QL including the lenses and the remained digital camera and so on, until the most shattering: the external harddrive. If it had all been proper developed fotos, the theft probably would have needed a forklift to take them away and everything would have been obviously and recognized; but in this case, he could walk away quite comfortably, carrying all our digital pictures in his pocket...
From the beginning on it was obvious that it wouldn't become easy to get back such stolen goods in a city like Dar es Salaam, but we fought anyway. We built up high-level contacts to the police and saw the hotel management pulled to the police station more than one time; we instructed all reliable as well as dubious dealers of electronic things in the neighborhood to keep their eyes open and with flyers in English and Swahili we offered an adequate amount of money to buy our stuff back.
But in the end everything that lasts is learning the lesson...