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Thursday, 28th May 2009:

Maybe the one or the other wondered, what's about "The Great Hotel-Robbery" - dealing with that was just too hard for us to make it public. But with progression of the learning process, there is enough space in our heads again, to explain it a little bit:
On 10th of May 09 there happend the following: after a long afternoon spending in the cyber cafe, we returned to our hotel and found our room unlocked. The padlock missed, as well as the normal door closer was broken. The situation felt more like dreaming, or watching a movie, but not like it would just happen to us right now: nothing was raked up or disarranged , the bikes, all the stuff - everything looked untouched. Only the Laptop was away and the good old Canon FT QL including the lenses and the remained digital camera and so on, until the most shattering: the external harddrive. If it had all been proper developed fotos, the theft probably would have needed a forklift to take them away and everything would have been obviously and recognized; but in this case, he could walk away quite comfortably, carrying all our digital pictures in his pocket...
From the beginning on it was obvious that it wouldn't become easy to get back such stolen goods in a city like Dar es Salaam, but we fought anyway. We built up high-level contacts to the police and saw the hotel management pulled to the police station more than one time; we instructed all reliable as well as dubious dealers of electronic things in the neighborhood to keep their eyes open and with flyers in English and Swahili we offered an adequate amount of money to buy our stuff back.
But in the end everything that lasts is learning the lesson...

Tuesday, 26th May 2009:

We can't complain - it's everything else but boring here in Dar es Salaam! Actually we are happy, if there is nothing left to do exept hanging around or if we take a little breath. Besides we work on our film project and find out what's going on with the Linux 4 Africa initiative. Closely connected to that we are making investigations concerning two containers full of donated Linux 4 Africa - computers that stuck in the port of Dar for almost a year now and therefor, of course, cannot be shipped and contributed to the selected schools. With the time, the great hotel-robbery has become a lesson that we have to learn now step by step. That means that our stolen things are still disappeared. Exept all this we slowly have to get serious with our return back to Europe. For this, we're working in every direction and are excited about what will happen to us in the end.
In a sentence: we move from relaxing to exertion and have lots of fun with it!

Friday, 8th May 2009:

In the early evening we arrived in Dar es Salaam. The goal of our trip. Although we made some unlikely experiences in Tanzania and also in Dar, with thiefs, hasslers and other bad guys, we are looking forward to spend a nice and eventful time here as well. Fist we'll have more than enough project work with the projects of "linx4africa", for wich we will also travell to the rural areas, and try to clear two lost containers. Having finished this we are going to buy as much gifts for our left homes as our bikes can carry and finally there still is our trip back home to organize. But besides this, we wont forget to hang around and enjoy live as it is befitting to the southern see mentallity - this is something no one has to tell us.

Saturday, 2nd May 2009:

From Alexandria to Mombasa, from the mediterranean see to the indic ocean. We've made it! After a never ending desert of sand there finally is water again. After we cycled 500km from Nairobi to the east, passing the Tanzanian rainy season, a national park, passing zebras, and already soleless hyenas and snakes always seeking the horizon for the first mast or wave crown, we reached the southern see. White beaches, shining blue water, palm trees, coconuts and caipirinha - it is just like printed in a catalogue!