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Thursday, 26th February 2009:

We reached Axum, Ethiopia and are on our way to Koraro. There we are going to meet a group of engineers without borders from Münster, Germany, who are constructing a groundwater dam. Since we have very little possibilities of getting any internet or mobile phone connection you will hear from us again when we are there.

We are well aside from some slightly overcharged alimentary systems having a hard time with the local drinkable water.

Thursday, 12th February 2009:

After barely three weeks in Sudan we’ve run out of our foreign currency. Staying in Khartoum we didn’t expect a problem with this. Only after visiting 20 banks this morning and yesterday evening and every institute and international hotel in this town we have been aware of not being able to get any money by our credit cards anywhere in the whole country. This happens at a time we have got only 8 Euros left which unfortunately have been also already laid out.

It was hard to know what to do and we briefly thought about traveling to Addis Ababa as tramps.
But eventually the German Embassy could bail us out very unbureaucratically by an online transaction. Thanks a lot incidentally to the German Embassies for their friendly atmosphere we always enjoy.

Saturday, 7th February 2009:

With burned faces we drove 232 kilometers yesterday and 140 today and reached Khartoum.
We go to bed happily and exhausted. We are going to stay here for three days and hopefully find some time to gather ourselves again.

Thursday, 5th February 2009:

he entry on January the 27th succeeded and in company of a British cycling fellow we wheeled into a very hospitable country. After a compulsory break of a couple of days due to an acute diarrhea we are traveling on through Sudan in southern direction towards Khartoum.

The trade wind bolsters us and pushes us forward. See you in Khartoum.

Tuesday, 3rd February 2009:

There’s no information on the whereabouts of the two, though there are new travel reports and photographs.