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Wednesday, 10th December 2008:

We are still in Ben Guerdane in South Tunisia working on the continuation of our journey. Besides we’re becoming familiar with the country; for instance we were invited for dinner in a wealthy Arabic home yesterday. Either we find another group of tourists which we could join for entering Libya or we enter with a business visa in a week or it all comes different. In this sense: stay tuned, it gets exciting.

Saturday, 6th December 2008:

The projected entering of Libya has failed! It surely would have been too fine if everything had worked out like intended. Entry requirements have been recently changed and currently tourists can only enter in a group of at least five persons!

So for now we’ve got time to witness the greatest feast in the Islamic world and think about a solution for the problem.

Wednesday 3rd December 2008:

The new report is uploaded and new pics are in the gallery.

Tuesday 2nd December 2008:

We had the first bike accident and so we ended up somewhere in the Tunisian wasteland with a ripped spoke and a ripped rim, “fortunately” on two different bikes and in each case on the rear wheel. We will have to find a solution.