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Sunday 30th November 2008:

We landed per ferry in Tunisia over 8 hours late.


The customs inspections here already took us two hours and we got a pretaste of the things ahead of us. Transit visa for the bikes had to be made up ad hoc.

Wednesday 26th November 2008:

The handicrafts have been worthwhile. We are loading our accumulators with solar energy and with the bike’s dynamo and have become very independent.

Andy’s damaged pedal crank has been replaced by a new Alivio crank. We are well on our way.

Tuesday 25th November 2008:

We spend a second day on our tour hitch hiking and went along with Norbert and his truck through Calabria to Sicily.

Friday 21st November 08:

In the third try we finally could be vaccinated against Amarillic Typhus. Quite plain in the end once you understood how a local AUSL works (sort of health care center).

The flex cell module is completely installed and delivers the first electricity! The second battery is loaded; that’s why the second module hasn’t seen action yet though it is completely installed, too. And so we’re leaving Roma after five very exciting and eventful days towards south east heading for Naples.

Thursday 20th November 08:

Embassy bureaucracy for “beginners”:
As it had been arranged we could collect our passports with the attached visa at the Egypt embassy.

The parcel from Freiburg has arrived. Now the second power supply system is complete, too. We are proud to own a flex cell module! (Foldable solar cells which can be fastened on to the rear bags)

This soon bothered us in a way that we had to set up the second power system. Our power supply in strait talk now: in one of each of our rear bags a lead accumulator is slumbering. These are connected to each one of the solar panels via plug connection on the outside of the bag with an interconnected loading regulator. To each accumulator one, respectively two car cigar lighters are wired which serve as outlets via car cigar jacks. As a little add-on there is a rectifier wired to one of the bike’s dynamos which can be interconnected into the loading process of the accumulator when the solar panel is not active.

By the way: during the handicrafts it was revealed to us how much power the accumulator can deliver at once: some inattention caused a short circuit – fortunately, just a few wires were blown and there was a little smell…

Sunday 16th November 08

Working all evening we sewed in the solar panel from Solarc so now it can be installed shockproof. Further the first power supply system connected to this panel is set up and ready for operation.

Tuesday 4th November

We had our last appointment in terms of medical advice. Fortunately, our medical support is that much committed and informed that the currently raging Cholera in East-Africa was an issue, too. In this case we appreciatively accept an increase of the medicine bill. So now we are equipped with needle and thread, scalpel, Malerone, anti diarrhea remedy, antibiotics and of course loads of pain killers and band-aids. Hopefully we will take everything back again!

The passports have been sent to Hamburg for translation; the possibility to cross Libya fast and with relatively low expenses moves within reach – anyway our local contact there is very confident.

The sweet little EEE PC has arrived and is being loaded with data and programs. May he resist heat and cold, dust and mud und us!