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Thursday October 30th

Today we got the confirmation of Asus that they will support us with an EEE PC 901. This is a mini-laptop which we can easily carry on our bikes. We hopefully will be able to revise the film material and to prepare and convert pictures and texts for the homepage with this device. Furthermore we will be able to go online with it via cell phone nearly everywhere and watch some DVDs in our tent in the evening or play some good old ego-shooters! ;-)

Thanks a lot to the company Asus and the agency “Flutlicht”.

Thursday October 17th

For the first time we mounted our bike bags and took a test drive. The weather was fine and it was fit to take a few pictures for the homepage. The horses run well even when loaded. The torsion resistance is good; the driving dynamics are marvelous.
Though it was frightening that even with pseudo luggage (blankets, jackets, textiles) we reached an overall weight of 52 kilograms per bike. At a packing volume of 150 liters, how high is it supposed to be with the real stuff in the bags?!?!

Wednesday, October 15th:

Our career has begun:
we made our first interview with our project partners from Linux for Africa. You can read it on their homepage:
Furthermore the Linux guys have introduced us to their projects and tried to make us familiar with their technique… let’s see if this worked out!?